Another Dutch Trip

Having seen and read so much about the wonderful cycling infrastructure in Utrecht my son and I decided we had to see for ourselves.

As in previous trips we used the Newcastle - Ijmuiden ferry then cycled to Amsterdam for lunch at my usual place Cafe T'Small.

After lunch continued along the canal towards Utrecht going over several bridges, including the longest cycle bridge in the Netherlands:

Another one that had opened a few days beforehand:

And a more traditional one:

Getting nearer to Utrecht the route left the 'towpath' and ran along a road designated a 'fietsstraat' - cycle street - cars are guests. Quite normal to just cycle along and cars drive along behind you at the same speed.

Once in Utrecht we found our hotel and then had a cycle around looking especially at the massive underground multi storey cycle parking. On the entrance to the parking there are these no stopping signs just for bikes!

On the way back to the ferry yet another bridge, the 'Daphne Schippers' bridge that uses the roof of a school on one side!

Miles and miles of segregated cycle track led us back to the ferry, and of course no hills! One of the biggest climbs was back up to sea level!

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